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Our Story

Traditional Mexican dishes and flavors, sourced from family recipes that originated in Mexican states from The Gulf to The Pacific, are not only the inspiration–they're the rule. Committed to honoring Mexican tradition, ours is a Bay Area-based Mexican restaurant, thought about in a different way. Founded in San Francisco in 2016, we've expanded to bring our unique take on traditional Mexican cuisine to the North Bay and East Bay.

From The Kitchen

Our star ingredient is masa—the dough used in making the fresh corn tortillas found on our menu. AT FLORES, WE MAKE OUR TORTILLAS BY HAND DAILY OUT OF FRESH MASA.

On the Menu

You’ll find shareable starters, salads, snacks, and mains. An assortment of roasted meats available (for sharing–or not!), and small plates (think sopes, guacamole, tostadas, and empanadas), borrowed from recipes passed down by our mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, inspire mixing and matching for many visits to come. A cocktail (or two) is all that’s missing….

At The Bar

On the cocktail menu, craft cocktails and traditional Mexican cocktails are given equal real estate.  We offer an assortment of signature cocktails that are at once familiar but also surprising.  Our knowledgeable bartenders will walk you through our list of notable tequila and mezcal while making you a pitcher of our house-made margaritas.